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Rooms2 Builder – bringing it all together

Posted by gazjjohnson on 17 July, 2008

Like many of my fellow Information Librarians, I’m currently beavering away on the creation of Rooms2 (the successor to the highly popular Subject Roomsavailable from the Library pages).  I will admit that whilst I know the final product will doubtless be as popular as its progenitor, the experience of working out just how (and in some cases why) the CMS software does things is making for a pretty interesting learning curve.

As doubtless those folks following my Twitter feed are now well aware.

What has helped a lot is taking copious notes. The manual for Rooms2 is okay, but as a resource it leaves a few gaping holes.  Not to mention that naturally we’re customising elements of the site and this is very much a standard resource for all users of Rooms2Builder.  I’ll make these notes available to any of my colleagues who are interested sometime next week.  They’re not intended to be the definitive guide but they might help you avoid the odd pitfall or head-scratching moment that I’ve had; not to mention giving Joanne (Dunham) a moment’s rest – she’s probably reached the point of dreading each of my emails with a new builder question.

I will say it has been getting easier each day I’ve been working on it.  I’ve learned the nuances, I’ve relaised what the shadows are all about, and I don’t think I’ve broken a functional content module (CM) in…well hours anyway.  Hopefully now I’ve (almost) created my first Room2, the next half a dozen will get done a bit faster.

3 Responses to “Rooms2 Builder – bringing it all together”

  1. selinalock said

    I’m sure we’ll all find your notes useful!

  2. gazjjohnson said

    Just sent you three a link to them, may they bring you comfort/assitance!

  3. ajcann said

    Sounds like a Rooms2 wiki is needed … I suggest “” 😉

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