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Sign of the times

Posted by gazjjohnson on 7 August, 2008

Just come out of a brief brainstorming for the new digital signage that will be gracing the library’s Help Zone shortly.  Very productive meeting with a lot of ideas of what we could have up on this sign; ranging from the key information (when are we open, rules and regs) to highlighting resources and staff members ready to enable the learning/research experience here.

It will be interesting to see how easy this system is to use, as some of our ideas went a bit beyond the text on a screenparadigm.  The background system driving it isn’t a MS product, which is interesting – I’ve only ever used hands-on ones that used PowerPoint as their core display system; with all the usual foibles of using PP intact.  I’m hoping this might make doing some of the other stuff (moving images, split screen, timed dependant information) a heck of a lot easier on the staff who’ll be running it.

More news on this in a couple of weeks as the hardware is installed.

2 Responses to “Sign of the times”

  1. sarahw9 said

    What were some of the ideas beyond ‘text on screen’?

  2. gazjjohnson said

    Things like video (not sure if it has sound, or if that’d be appropriate), slideshows, pictures of help zone staff/managers/librarians, maps, split screen stuff (ala Sheffield I’m told) etc.

    But I think simple to begin with, and then ramp it up. I was all for a programme of regular updates and new stuff e.g. this week’s resource slot is GeoRef and the Librarian of the week is Sarah….

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