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Far beyond the distant shore

Posted by gazjjohnson on 12 August, 2008

Just returned from teaching the last of today’s sessions with the non-English language native overseas students (there must be a shorter term for them that escapes me right now).  Officially the first teaching of the new academic term for me, and a very positive experience.  Lovely students to teach and interact with; very attentive and polite.  Add to that fact that someone else wrote the exercise, corralled them in the room and even sorted out passwords and the like.  And all in our nice shiny DWL IT-Room1.  I could get used to that kind of teaching – so thanks Selina and Evelyn for that.

One of the reasons I came back to the more mundane world of subject librarianship was the chance to do a bit of student interaction again, so I know I’ll go home with a smile on my face today.  Or at least until the rain hits me.

That done and dusted it’s back to some web programming; for once not Rooms2 but rewriting an old page on Geological Surveys to go onto the normal website.  Of course this means I now have to try and remember how to use Contribute…

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