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Publicationslist.Org – is it useful?

Posted by gazjjohnson on 18 August, 2008

A former collegue of mine, working in the Open Access field, mentioned this service to me over the weekend –  In their own words this site exists to let researchers and research organizations maintain a reliable web-based record of their academic output without any fuss.

It rang a bell, and I thought back to the demo from Symplectic a few weeks back for their software; which certainly seems to offer some similar functionalities.  The difference being Symplectic is hosted and maintained for an individual institution.  PL.Org on the other hand is institution independant.

Helpfully SHERPA have blogged about PublicationList.Org in far more detail than I’m going to go into.  So is this service useful?  6,000 academics think so; and whilst that’s pretty small potatoes on a global scale it certainly is a reasonable mass.  What do the rest of you library/repository types think?  Will this service have a broader impact?

2 Responses to “Publicationslist.Org – is it useful?”

  1. selinalock said

    It’s the kind of service that you would think institutional repositories would be offering, but as we only place RAE details and full text papers in Leicester Research Archive I can see why academics might like somewhere to list all their publications without editing webpages. Especially as it’s institution independent and (I assume) easy to use.

  2. knockels said

    There is a project using this as a front end to repositories (using The Depot, EDINA’s repository for the repository-less). I will mention this to Juliet Bailey in Research Support.

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