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Session for 1st Year Computer Scientists

Posted by selinalock on 21 August, 2008

As previously mentioned I’ll be doing a new session for 1st year computer scientists.

This is my draft session so far, feedback encouraged!

CO1007 Session: Finding, Collecting & Sharing Resources
• Session for approx 50 1st yr Com Sci students in wk 5 of term, based in a computer lab.
• To be taught via a wiki – a strategy used effectively by a colleague at Loughborough with 1st yr Comp Sci students.
• Wiki will allow online interaction between students during the session and hopefully promote reflective thinking.
• Library catalogue will be covered in normal 1st yr induction (10am Fri 3rd Oct), so this session will concentrate on online resources.

Activities/Prompts within the Wiki:

1. Wikipedia – what is it good for?
• Go to and search for Computer Ethics
• What do you find useful about Wikipedia? What are the problems with Wikipedia?
• You may find it useful to read – strengths, weaknesses & article quality in Wikipedia: • Post a Pro & Con to the wiki
o E.g. Pro: covers a huge amount of topics
o E.g. Con: only covers some topics superficially

2. What’s the best search engine for you?
• Use your favourite search engine to find information on plagiarism in computer science
• Why do you like this search engine? Did you find some useful results?
• Post your findings to the wiki
• Now try a different search engine, such as or, which are scholarly and scientific search engines.
• How did these search engines compare to your favourite? Did you find different results?
• Post your findings to the wiki

3. How do you collect and share resources with friends?
• Create an account on using your CFS username, in order to save links that are useful for this course.
• Go to my delicious account (need to create) and add me to your network.
• You will see I have tagged a number of resources CO1007, which I think you will find useful for this course.
• Add a resource you think will be useful to your account and tag it CO1007
• Post your delicious account name to the wiki so that others can add you to their network and vice versa
• Do you think it will be useful to build up a list of shared resources like this? Do you think you might use it for other courses?
• Post your thoughts/comments to the wiki
• Delicious is the most popular, but not the only, social bookmarking tool available. There are others that are aimed at researchers and scientists, such as and

4. An exercise on Google Reader?
5. An exercise on recommended journals?

5 Responses to “Session for 1st Year Computer Scientists”

  1. ajcann said

    Which wiki? WetPaint or Learning Objects on Bb?

    Search engines – include Goggle CSE (especially for this group):

    3/4: These can be quire a hard sell in a single session – shame you can’t follow up progress later?

  2. selinalock said

    Not decided which wiki yet, as I’m not sure whether the course will be using Bb.

    Thanks for the Google CSE suggestion. I’ll incorporate that.

    Follow-up is unlikely unless it’s related to the PDP strand. I’ll have to see what other people are planning on the course.

  3. stujohnson said

    Looks good Selina. I wish I was as prepared as you already are. WOuld be good to meet to discuss how our sessions integrate

  4. […] Finding, collecting and sharing resources – Selina […]

  5. evelyncornell said

    I wanted to read this again – some time after I’d first read it. Took me ages to find the right keywords to track it down. This is what I hate, hate, hate about blogs. You can never find that useful stuff again!! [Sorry about my negativity…I’ll go away now]

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