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Inductions away!

Posted by gazjjohnson on 30 September, 2008

Today kicked off my induction sessions with the new students; that is students in depts I directly support over the inductions I’ve been doing for overseas students from everywalk of course.  I feel slightly a fraud when I look at the number of sessions I’ve got over mostly this week – in previous jobs I was doing around 40 sessions over two weeks.  Now here I’ve got a mere handful.  Not that I’m complaining (nor am I offering to take anyone else’s sessions!), it just feels a little odd to have time on my hands this week for anything other than inductions.

To mention that my various Twittering/blogging/facebooking buddies have been elbow deep in inductions for the past two weeks; it’s somewhat of a relief to finally get into it.

Looking forward to the Freshers’ Fayre tomorrow, as it’s been nearly 10 years since I last sat on a stall at one (for uni societies then, rather than work) – the buzz and life of the place is generally without compare throughout the rest of the scholastic year.

How is everyone else finding inductions this year?

4 Responses to “Inductions away!”

  1. gazjjohnson said

    Comment after today’s Geology induction “That was the best induction talk ever!” – and this from a mature student who’s been to more than one. Engage smug mode…smug mode engaged!

  2. Stuart Johnson said

    Hi Gareth. I’m doing an induction talk on SSDS for Geology tomorrow at 10. How do I ensure the same feedback?

  3. sarahw9 said

    How do you think induction talks compare to trailing everyone around the library?

  4. gazjjohnson said

    Well Stuart you just need to deliver it with the same bounceyness and get them laughing (but then librarian jokes are generally unexpected by 1st years, so they’re an easy crowd!)

    And Sarah, well I think tours do give you a chance to (as Miss World Contest says) to “visit” with the students on a more personal level – small groups means more chance of interaction. In groups of 90 talking at ’em for 35 minutes, not much hope of that. On the other hand 4 induction talks vs 40 tours/talks means less work for me this week….

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