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Papers for Mac

Posted by gazjjohnson on 8 October, 2008

Emm Raven, over in Chemistry, asked me this morning if I knew of a service called Papers for Mac.  In her words “It works just like itunes. Basically, it organises all your pdfs files of papers in the same way that itunes does. And it imports libraries from endnote as .xml files.

Not being a Mac (nor indeed iTunes) user I’ve never touched the thing – but wondered if any of you folks have made use of it, and if so what have been your experiences?  Does it, as Apple put it, “give you a completely new workflow for reading scientific articles” and is there a OS agnostic version?

3 Responses to “Papers for Mac”

  1. ajcann said

    I prefer delicious. Or if I wanted to squirrel stuff away, citeulike.

  2. sarahw9 said

    I presume you have to be on your own computer all the time. Then if you lose it all somehow…Perhaps web-based is better. Then again perhaps you can download updates from a webbased social bookmarking site into papers for mac…

  3. gazjjohnson said

    I suppose if you were using a Mac book or the like then it might make sense. Think I’ll stick with my own web/HDD/SSD backing up routine!

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