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Library Staff Induction

Posted by gazjjohnson on 29 October, 2008

Went to the first meeting of a task and finish group here in the Library today, looking at the library staff induction (as opposed to the library’s induction for student/staff).  Very interesting meeting chaired by Jo Aitkin where I was able to put a few more names to faces (yes, after 8 months I’m still rubbish with about 80% of the staff here – if only we had a staff picture gallery!).

As is the way in these kind of meetings I managed to sit on my hands for all of 20 seconds before starting my ideas brain off.  We had a good long look at the induction booklet which whilst not bad in terms of content, would certainly benefit from a revision in structure and layout.  And as the loudest mouth in the room (Anne C might beg to differ) I’ve come away with a sub-team remit to produce the next version.  Excellent!

We also looked at the old programme of rolling training.  Now I brought with me the insight on the programme we had at York and Warwick where these kind of weekly sessions were an excellent way to demystify working practices, expand on work teams were doing as well as act as training activities for new and long time members of staff.  We’ll be looking at them in more depth at the next meeting.

4 Responses to “Library Staff Induction”

  1. sarahw9 said

    I remember those sessions at York. I was a library assistant then and found it helped alot to see what people where doing. Something similar has been put in the pipeline down here at CSL for team meetings – it hasn’t happened yet but I know I’m down to talk to everyone about web2.0 stuff.

  2. gazjjohnson said

    You’ll be pleased to know I sang the praises of the York sessions (especially the one with the Photocopier and another with the Shelvers – might have been after your time!). Jo’s pretty serious about getting them going again, and I’ll be offering her all the support I can – so it’s good to hear some more words of support for the idea!

  3. sarahw9 said

    btw I can spell ‘were’. I’m noticing alot of typos recently – both mine and others. A common feature of writing too much too quickly all the time.

    Good luck, perhaps I should come and view a few to see what happens at DWL too.

  4. gazjjohnson said

    I should add we’ve got a meeting to look at the induction book on the 19th Nov, so if there are any burning comments on it – then let me have them before then.

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