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I’m all alone, all by myself…

Posted by gazjjohnson on 12 November, 2008

Maybe it was my aftershave.

Just returned from “running” by PhD chemistry databases session. I say “running” as despite having been there a good ten minutes early to clear the room of errant undergrads and there until 2.35pm not a single solitary PhD Chemistry showed their face in the room.

It’s enough to give a librarian a complex.  Ah well, I’ve been stood up before and doubtless I’ll be stood up again.  At least the weather was fine and a walk in the sun was lovely.

I will say that Twitter proved a very valuable tool though during these bleak 35 minutes as I discussed the issue of student inattendance, how long is polite/permissible to hang around before you have to call the deal done and even discussing chemistry resources with another academic.  So at least the time wasn’t wasted.

Personally I found the day and half of teaching prep and production of the handouts useful in my own learning and development.  I know a lot more about CrossFire and SciFinder Scholar than I did before this week.

Now the session was mandatory for the students, so I popped by the office of the Graduate Secretary to fill her in on the situation and I have to say she was wonderful.  I think she was more miffed than I was about them not turning up.  Handed over all the guides, so maybe somehow the students will learn something from my endevours – and next year’s prep won’t take half the time!

Now enough of that and onto a spot of bibliometrics…

Slides from the session are at:

7 Responses to “I’m all alone, all by myself…”

  1. ajcann said

    Of course, if they were all on Twitter, no problem…

  2. gazjjohnson said

    Every session I do now I’m pushing Twitter/SmallWorldz etc…

  3. suespriggs said

    Definitely your aftershave was to blame.
    Our PhD database sessions are overflowing and we have to run extra classes!!!!
    (My attractive personality, no doubt!)

  4. sarahw9 said

    Perhaps its the subject?

  5. sarahw9 said

    I meant Chemistry not databases…

  6. stujohnson said

    If it wasn’t your aftershave it might have been your tie?

  7. gazjjohnson said

    That’s it – stronger aftershave and tie, that would have drawn their attention.

    Honestly I nearly got a sandwichboard out and patrolled the George Porter corridors shouting “Get yer chemistry database skillz here younglings!”

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