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Library web pages

Posted by sarahw9 on 13 November, 2008

sciencecambridgeThe University of Cambridge library has given its web pages a distinctly web 2.0 look.  Their science pages  still include the familiar metasearching across library databases, the library catalogue and e resources.  There are now alot of RSS feeds – from external resources and also news from their departments, science blogs, and new books at the library.   There is a live chat box for users to contact the library, as well as the usual list of contact methods.  Users can use a word cloud to navigate to the page for their department. 

It looks good, but visually there are almost too many feeds for my taste.  Is this me, or do you just stop seeing what is there?  It looks like a Pageflakes page, which I think if you haven’t designed it yourself is offputting.

I like the links to their own latest research and the focus on how to contact the library.  Perhaps the way forward is to try to promote local blogs, local research, local projects, connecting people as well as the usual library resources.  Not to mention information literacy related materials of course.

9 Responses to “Library web pages”

  1. sarahw9 said

    Am more enamoured with University of Washingon. They have won awards for this! What do you think?

  2. ajcann said

    I prefer the Cambridge one.

  3. sarahw9 said


  4. ajcann said

    Functionality, although I would prefer a more muted colour scheme.

  5. sarahw9 said

    I like the chat (on both of them) for enquires.

    From the Washington one I like the research help videos and bringing the photo collections and catalogue to the front.

    From the Cambridge one I like the local research element, and bringing in feeds.

    I think targeting the feeds is crucial. Not convinced people really want to read lists of feeds (or not too many of them).

    You are talking me round to the Cambridge one, but I find lists lists lists a bit much.

  6. gazjjohnson said

    I just wish we’d do more with the Facebook group we set up – even promoting it on the current libpages would be good.

    Then again one of the things Hywel, Joanne and Louise have mentioned many times to me is the need for a web review/strategy in the very near future. Now they’ve done the LibStrategy I’m wondering if that’ll be early in ’09 – in which case we can make our pitch all the more then.

  7. sarahw9 said

    Yes a web review and strategy is on the cards, its been mentioned to me too. I think it will include all this things, including this blog.

  8. gazjjohnson said

    Excellent, it’s one of those projects I’m looking forward to getting my teeth into!

  9. sarahw9 said

    New British Library website design: direct link into their cross search (advertising all they have to offer), then I like the tab layout below – you can find different things of interest, core services, also links to them on web 2.0 resources.

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