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Desposit to the repository from within Facebook?

Posted by gazjjohnson on 18 November, 2008

Reading an interesting email posting from my old friend and collegue Stuart Lewis (Aber University) on the launch of a Facebook repository tool as part of the SWORD project.  As Stuart says

Within the repositories community we often talk about how to encourage faculty to self-archive their works. We also sometimes talk about the problems with repositories, and how repositories are not yet part of the daily toolkit of faculty. In an attempt to see whether bringing these two problems together by allowing faculty to deposit from within a tool that many do use on a daily basis, as part of the JISC funded ŒSWORD 2Œ project I have now created a Facebook repository deposit application.

Being able to deposit from within a site such as Facebook would enable what I¹m going to call ‘the Social Deposit’. What does a social deposit look like? It has the following characteristics:

  • It takes place within a social networking type site such as Facebook.
  • The deposit is performed by the author of a work, not a third party (not a mediated deposit)
  • Once the deposit has taken place, messages and updates are provided stating that the user has performed the deposit.
  • Friends and colleagues of the depositor will see that a deposit has taken place, and can read what has been deposited if they want to.
  • Friends and colleagues of the depositor can comment on the deposit. 

So the social deposit takes place within the online social surroundings of a depositor, rather than from within a repository. By doing so, the depositor can leverage the power of their social networks so that their friends and colleagues can be informed about the deposit.

I noticed Stuart had launched this on Facebook last night, so I wondered when I’d hear more about it.  I wonder how this might fit into our development of the LRA here?  Come to think of it, do we know just how many research active academics are using Faceook?

That all said you can find the FB app by following this link (though you’ll need a Facebook account to see it)

You can read the full transcript of what Stuart had to say over on the ( for the archive) mailing list, well worth joining if you’re supporting research these days.

2 Responses to “Desposit to the repository from within Facebook?”

  1. sarahw9 said

    Its good people are creating these tools and interesting to see what takeup there may be. The first things that springs to mind is that people are not (yet) inclined to use Facebook in this way, but that doesn’t mean of course we shouldn’t be experimenting with it. I’ve added the application by the way!

  2. knockels said

    Somewhere I have a note of an application that allows you to deposit into a repository from Word – I shall follow this up when I remember! Given that many people will have written their document in Word, and that it is that Word version that we can archive, this sounds potentially useful. No good for people who use Latex, admittedly!

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