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Wherefore out thou projector?

Posted by selinalock on 19 November, 2008

I taught a new session on RefWorks to 30 third year Computer Scientists yesterday, which didn’t quite go to plan, as there was no projector to be found in the lab. I quickly realised that trying to teach software without the ability to demo certain actions is quite hard!

I ended up getting small groups around my computer to demo certain bits and the students picked it up quite quickly. Though there were initial groans when I told them to login to Windows instead of linux.

I also realised a few minutes into the session that several of the students would be writing up their projects in LaTeX and so the whole Word plugin side to RefWorks was irrelevant to them.

If I do the session next year then I think I will:

  1. Make sure there’s a projector!
  2. Give an overview of how to reference to start the session.
  3. Ensure they login to Windows at the start of the session.
  4. Give them the option to learn about RefWorks.

2 Responses to “Wherefore out thou projector?”

  1. gazjjohnson said

    I’d add 5) Make sure you have more than 2 students

    Getting zero to few students in my sessions is getting real old, real fast!

  2. sarahw9 said

    Perhaps the hardest user group, this subject?

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