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PLE Project Final Report and the future

Posted by sarahw9 on 18 December, 2008

The final project report and appendix of the PLE Project with Alan Cann  is here:

Final Project Report, Appendix (Scribd iPaper)


The PLE project has been a valuable learning process for us which has informed us of the approach we need to take to integrating Web 2.0 with information literacy.

  • elearning resources must be integrated into the fabric of the course, not as last minute add-ons.
  • Improving information literacy is a long term goal as it requires developing a mindset as much as a set of skills. We should be aiming for it to become integral to the way that students and staff work.
  • Library resources need to be tailored to each course rather than generic.
  • Success in developing a community of practice may depend on circumstances: library staff developed a community of practice during this project, however the students did not significantly change their existing work habits. Perhaps people need to be convinced there are tangible benefits before they change their working patterns.

Looking Forward

  • The Medical Ethics and Law courses will continue to develop online and web 2.0 resources.
  • The University TAN session 14 January should be a useful platform to discuss issues surrounding the future of information literacy training throughout the University. The aim is to explore information literacy that incorporates Wikipedia, YouTube and ‘Beyond Google’ for all undergraduate students. We hope to be able to gauge opinions and expectations from other staff.
  • Library staff should continue to develop their understanding of web 2.0 tools and how they can utilize them to promote information literacy across the University.
  • The library will continue to develop librarians’ roles as their future depends on the ability to build relationships, and add value to external tools such as Google Scholar. Web 2.0 can facilitate this, but this requires a change of culture for librarians and academics.
  • Students are generally reluctant to change their habits unless there is a clear tangible benefit to them. If we believe information literacy skills are worth developing, we must make them a requirement not an added extra.

In the new year the library will be reviewing its information literacy training, web strategy, and the roles of the information librarians (in particular with the development of the new colleges at the University). This project has laid some of the foundations to carry forward these developments.

One Response to “PLE Project Final Report and the future”

  1. gazjjohnson said

    I’ll look forward to reading that report once I’m back in the office Sarah. Looking at this exec summary I can’t say that I’m deeply shocked by the results, they’re what my experience told me they would be – though I was prepared to be wrong!

    I think the point about the library’s review of IL and Web strategy is a key one, to actually deliver on the kind of value added service we professional librarians want to deliver means they need to take place within a co-ordinated structure. That said I hope we’ll be able to make that an organically evolving structure rather than simply policy for the sake of policy.

    And I think we need to add to that some very serious thinking about just how the library markets itself to its customer base too.

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