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Happy New Year and thence back to work

Posted by gazjjohnson on 5 January, 2009

Hello and welcome back to work to all our regular (and new) readers.  I must say that with the temperature dropping that it’s very nice to be in a warm office rather than my “work in progress” chilly domicile.  That said somewhat in shock from the pile of stuff that’s appeared on my desk and mass of emails sitting pending.

And to think both were clear when I went on vacation!

This post though is to remind you readers of two things.  Firstly today marks the start of me being full-time here at Leicester, which should make it easier to fix meetings.  Secondly for the next 6 months (to end of June) I’m taking over the LRA Manager remit from Keith.  Be gentle with me in this regard as from what I have seen so far Keith and team have done a stellar job; which makes it a very hard act to follow with a lot to learn.  But I’m sure I’ll manage!

Right enough reflection, time to start reading and actioning all those emails that for some reason haven’t answered themselves in the last few minutes…

3 Responses to “Happy New Year and thence back to work”

  1. novice101 said

    Good luck and Happy New Year!

    2009 may have its moments of surprises, challenges, triumphs, tribulations, highs and lows but through our combined efforts we can leave our marks on it.

    We can all make our small contributions to make this year a better year. Let the cumulative effect works its wonder, we just have to come together.

    Have a Great Year! Make a Great Year!

  2. knockels said

    I’m sure the LRA team will look after you!

    I hadn’t realised that the tags on our blog link to any item on any WordPress blog with that same tag – so “lra” links to a lot of material about the charming (I jest) Lord’s Resistance Army in Uganda…. Makes me wish we had picked another name….

  3. gazjjohnson said

    Cheers Keith. Yeah I noticed that this morning, I had a brief look around the dashboard management options to see if I could kill it off but no joy. I’ll have another go or maybe wait till Sarah’s back in on Wednesday and see if she has any ideas!

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