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Developing my repository understanding (again)

Posted by gazjjohnson on 7 January, 2009

Today, in-between sorting out collection profiles and other librarian like activities, I’ve been continuing my steady progress through the LRA material Keith’s handed over to me.  I had a very useful meeting with Louise yesterday which has really helped clarify some matters and given me some steer towards where I think my 6 month sojourn will focus.  That said I’m still synthesising a plan of action which I’ll be going back to discuss with her next week.

I’ve also just had to get my brain around the knotty problem of a publisher’s copyright.  I used to do that for a living, and I’m glad after 11 months that I can still make head and tail of the double-speak-double-confusing maze that seems to exist.  I even found something for the SHERPA team to go off and investigate for me, which I’m sure my old pal Jane will be delighted to hear.  On top of this I’ve a query about dissertations that I need to talk over with Keith once he’s back in the office too.

I’ve also been talking with my two administrators today, Rob and Margaret, about a few minor operational matters.  So its nice to get to know the team on an operational level.

So it’s been all go, but I’m slowly finding my feet!

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