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Online Seminar: Web 2.0 and Information Literacy

Posted by sarahw9 on 12 January, 2009

During 2008 Alan Cann and I ran a UoL TEF funded project Using Web 2.0 to Cultivate Information Literacy via Construction of Personal Learning Environments.  On Wednesday 14th January 2009 between 12.30-2pm (GMT) we will be presenting a live TAN session in which we will outline the project and its main outcomes. Most of the session will be a discussion of how information literacy can be developed across the University.

If you would like to attend this seminar, please email the UoL Staff Development Centre on

Additionally, we will be conducting a live Twitter session at this event. If you would like join as a remote participant, the slides for the session are:

5 Responses to “Online Seminar: Web 2.0 and Information Literacy”

  1. Do I need to bring my own laptop to twitter then?

  2. ajcann said

    You’ll have a desktop, but there is wifi in CW305, so feel free to bring Tarquin along if you want.

  3. I assume you’ll be blogging about this event then Sarah? I’m sure we library types will give you our two penn’th in the comments.

  4. sarahw9 said

    Selina kindly said she would (from the perspective of an attendee). Oddly it was a totally different experience for me as I couldn’t see the tweets! I think some people got confused about the difference between the project and the use of Twitter in the session. They thought we were talking about delivering all education on a simultaneous twitter stream or similar.

  5. As I’ve said in responce to Selina’s post, I liked the element of tweeting but it definitly worked better with either a stooge in the audience tweeting useful summary commentry (Jo Badge to my mind was doing this well) or the presentors passing the task of responding off to each other periodically (though could be harder to keep yourself focussed on the talk and audience questions.

    And like so many Web 2.0 technologies, Twitter’s just another weapon in our arsenal; not the solution to all woes. I can still remember when VLEs were first coming on stream and everyone seems to think they’d CHANGE EVERYTHING; rather than just being something else that was useful alongside facetime, 1-2-1, email and all sorts of communication/education apparatus.

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