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TAN: Web 2.0 & Information Literacy

Posted by selinalock on 15 January, 2009

Several of us from the library attended the Teaching Assessment Network presentation yesterday by Sarah Whittaker and Alan Cann.

The slides with an audio commentary for this session can be found in a previous post.

The session mainly consisted of a face to face and simultaneous twitter discussion about using Web 2.0 technologies in teaching, particularly with regards to information literacy skills.

I don’t have a particular problem twittering while listening/discussing issues face to face. However,  it wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea and some people had problems hearing the face verbal discussion due to the tapping of keyboards and/or concentrating on the online discussion due to the amount of tangential “twittering”.

Some of the interesting points I picked up in the room and online were:

  • Web 2.0 tools used included a customised google search engine, wikis, and a pageflakes page for relevant journal links and RSS feeds. All bought together through the Blackboard VLE page for the course.
  • As the students saw each other daily anyway there was very little interaction online.
  • The custom search and the journal pages were very popular with the students.
  • The tutor saw an improvement in the quality of resources used.
  • suggests it’s best to integrate appropriate Web 2.0 info literacy tools within student courses.
  • Academis staff were offered library sessions on RSS and social bookmarking but take up was low – they didn’t come because they didn’t know how it would be useful?
  • The library needs to expand on our Web 2.0 knowledge and the support we offer – need web 2.0 evangelists?
  • More emphasis on evaluation – less on searching?
  • Issues to think about teaching: advanced google searching, specialist image/audio search engines, wikipedia, youtube as reference tool, RSS, blogs/blog searching, citing new types of resources and copyright/creative commons.

3 Responses to “TAN: Web 2.0 & Information Literacy”

  1. I found the first 5 minutes I was twittering and not listening, but that was just a process of getting my ear/mind/hands co-ordinated. After that it was natural following the threads and conversation.

    I found the session (and the experience) very enlightening. I came away thinking “I want to get my students to twitter over my sessions; but I’ll need a 2nd person to talk to them at the same time”. Came away quite excited by the various techs and their applications again.

  2. ajcann said

    We had requests to have the Twitter stream live on screen during the talk, but we didn’t have the facilities to do this (Note to self: could have done if we didn’t use PowerPoint in slide mode rather than screenhog projector mode). Then again, we also had requests from remote participants for live audio & video streaming of the session…

  3. ajcann said

    Congratulations! You’ve been scraped:

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