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Arcadia@Cambridge – looking at Web 2.0 and libraries

Posted by gazjjohnson on 2 February, 2009

Following on from Friday’s excellent meeting on digital strategy for the library I’ve been pointed towards this site by a couple of folks –  To quote from the site:

The Arcadia Programme is a three-year programme funded by a generous grant from the Arcadia Trust to Cambridge University Library. The grant will enable us to explore the role of academic libraries in a digital age, create new programmes and services, particularly for undergraduates — and also to improve the external environment of the library.

They’ve a blog as well, which like the UoL Library Blog covers a lot of emerging technologies, though unlike our good selves they’re focussing into them in more depth.  Not a great deal on the site yet, but probably one to watch over the coming months.

One Response to “Arcadia@Cambridge – looking at Web 2.0 and libraries”

  1. sarahw9 said

    sounds like us (without the funding).

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