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Blog readership – Feb update

Posted by gazjjohnson on 3 February, 2009

Just thought I’d recap on where we are with blog stats.  We’re getting a healthy, if not enormous, level of hittage.

  • Jul 08 – 195
  • Aug 08 – 144
  • Sept 08 – 276
  • Oct 08 – 145
  • Nov 08 – 406
  • Dec 08 – 653
  • Jan 09 – 746
  • Feb 09 – 79

Obviously Feb is only three days old, but this does give us a clear upward trend.  Taking it as average hits/day

  • Jul 08 – 6.3
  • Aug 08 – 4.6
  • Sept 08 – 9.2
  • Oct 08 – 4.7
  • Nov 08 – 13.5
  • Dec 08 – 21.1
  • Jan 09 – 24.1
  • Feb 09 – 26.3

It looks like Feb is continuing the trend upwards.  I’m especially proud of the December bump, considering we had far fewer posts in December than normal and the long Christmas break.  Seems people were still coming on by to read the site.  Long may it continue.

3 Responses to “Blog readership – Feb update”

  1. ajcann said

    Want graph! Seen: ?

  2. David said

    …but is it the right sort of hittage?

    How much of the traffic is your primary audience, and how much is people who have come across your site accidentally only to disappear soon after?

    …in truth. whilst we know we shouldn’t, everyone gets excited by the raw hits.

  3. Right now we’ll settle for any! Truth be told this blog has a (mostly) inwards facing audience to our staff, though with luck occassionally other people happen across it. I’d like to be pushing it more, making it more visible (even to our internal audience) but long story short we’ve not an especial cutlure here at embracing the “unoffical” – which makes this blog as much about demonstrating the unoffical can carry just as much value (if not more) as offical channels, and demonstrating that it’s possible to have a multi-professional-voice sustainable communication route.

    Thus for now, the hittage is just for the core blogging team’s interest; in long term it’s a metric to contrast against more offical routes. Do they get more hits? I don’t know.

    All of which makes for an interesting experience…

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