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Visit to SSDZ

Posted by gazjjohnson on 10 March, 2009

Just been up to the 2nd floor of DWL to the Student Development Zone for a tour of their facilities.  Well I say tour, as that was what it was billed but it turned out to be a talk and a brief spin around.  Informative all the same, as I’d not totally grasped everything that falls under the SSDS bailiwick, so thanks to Sophia for the informative talk.

I was a bit disappointed as I was hoping to see behind the iron curtain of the staff door – I’ve only ever been briefly behind it and I was hoping to perhaps be introduced to more of the staff who work there.  After all there’s a lot that we all do and teach that’s of mutual interest.  I guess I’m just all about enhancing the community of support staff; I’ve spent many fruitful and satisfying years working alongside colleagues in various services, but that doesn’t seem to be that common here.  I’d love to explore closer working links, so perhaps that’s one of my targets for the next year!

2 Responses to “Visit to SSDZ”

  1. Stuart Johnson said

    Sorry it was a bit disappointing. I didn’t even know it was happening! So when would you like me to introduce you to everyone? And is this where your idea you posted on twitter the other day came from?

  2. Well as I said, maybe I was expecting too much – Sophia was charm incarnate I have to say!

    And yes, this is where my idea came from – I think we need some nice brown bag lunch meetings to just chew over the fat with some of us and some of you!

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