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Who’s doing what with their repository in the UK?

Posted by gazjjohnson on 11 March, 2009

Some very interesting results have come out from UEA and their survey of UK repositories activities.

UK Repository Survey Results

One or two things peeked my interest in particular – of those surveyed (70+ HEIs)

  • 28% will still archive if they do not get a reply from a publisher
  • 4% Don’t check publisher rights
  • 46% have less than 1FTE working on IPR clearance to deposit (3% have 5 or more staff!!!)
  • 89% of repositories are funded by their library
  • The modal level of deposit is 201-500 items a year

It’s not a long report, and there’s some very interesting data that can be gleaned from it – it certainly gives a very good picture of the current operating practices of the UK repositories; and unlike some more densely written reports it’s very easy to pick useful data out of it as a repository manager.  Highly recommended to read.

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