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Re-engaging the repository with the Arts research community

Posted by gazjjohnson on 25 March, 2009

Just had a very interesting conversation with our arts librarian here.  Seems her departments are getting down hearted by the local repository being full of STM materials and are feeling, understandably, left out.

Unfortunately they don’t regard conference papers, reports or discussion papers they produce as “research worthy” enough to go in; and the bulk of their true research output is in the form of books.  Which in our experience, we’re unlikely to get permission to include (bar the odd one or two).

So my question is this – how do we re-engage with these people and enable them to deposit materials of genuine interest?  Are there any tricks we’re missing or is it that repositories actually are only suitable for the sciences?

2 Responses to “Re-engaging the repository with the Arts research community”

  1. knockels said

    What an interesting viscious circle. I don’t know if there is any mileage in the grey literature angle – grey literature could be useful in arts and humanities (says he, the STEM librarian!), and it could be easier to find if it was in a repository. The sort of material that is not really viewed as “worthy” is still research, and might help the production of the “true” research output.

  2. From speaking with other unis, it seems there’s a real variety of responces. Some places have their A&H academics putting any and everything into the repository, others like ours are far more cautious and don’t want to put anything.

    Sadly, didn’t find any compelling arguements beyond the usual “Everyone else is doing it, and you’ll be left behind if you don’t engage”.

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