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TAN: Don’t Cheat Your Self

Posted by gazjjohnson on 25 March, 2009

This lunchtime I braved the wind and the rain to attend a TAN session by friend and colleague Stu Johnson from Student Support.  Stu was talking about the Don’t Cheat Your Self plagiarism app that he developed with Adobe Presenter and PowerPoint.  What started as a month long summer project has gone on from a soft launch to be used now in 16 departments.

I was quite impressed by how relatively easy is looked to create such a resource, and naturally myself and Sarah W started talking about what kind of resource could we build in the library along the same lines.  Our best suggestion on the walk down the stairs was something around evaluating websites.  One more idea to hold on the back burner though for now until we have some time available.

I also liked his use of Wordle in creating a tag cloud from his feedback.  I’ll certainly try that with the next bunch of feedback I get. 

It was a good session, even if towards the end of the energised discussion the room was getting somewhat overly warm!  I shall look forward to my next TAN session once they announce it.

6 Responses to “TAN: Don’t Cheat Your Self”

  1. stujohnson said

    Glad it was useful. V happy to help give you some pointers re Adobe Presenter when you do get round to (I hope you do) doing something on evaluating websites

  2. I was taking notes on your presentational style as well, always a pleasure to watch a good measured speaker performance (in contrast mine are closer to pure chaotic neutral energy!).

    Hoping I might have some spare time to play about with something in the next few weeks, so might come back to you once I’ve broken the tech… (ever the kinethetic active experimenter!)

  3. sarahw9 said

    Gaz – I did something on Critical appraisal way back we used to use with the 1st year medics – I’ll send you a link (its on the x drive).

  4. Ta kindly received!

  5. knockels said

    I’ve got some things on appraisal of websites too, which I can send over if you remind me – including some things I found after Elisabeth Bergenas’ presentation to library staff the other week.

  6. One thing at a time Keith! I’m still working on the first one…

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