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Swine flu

Posted by knockels on 5 May, 2009

There is an increasing range of resources on this topic, from government, libraries, learned and professional societies, and the NHS, among other people.    Librarians organise knowledge, so last week I put together a webpage, as part of our existing pages on avian and pandemic flu (an earlier version of which is archived by the UK Web Archiving Consortium).  

Today I added some new links, and due to the increasing length of the page, reorganised the page so that it is categorised, rather than just being one straight list.

Where have the links come from – well, some I found, but many have been found through postings to Twitter or email discussion lists  – JISCMAIL-hosted lis-medical and evidence-based-health being good sources, as is the US based MEDLIB-L.   And since colleagues here and in other libraries know about the page (because I have advertised it to them), many people have forwarded me links individually.

Why a old fashioned webpage?   Partly because the flu pages are already there, and partly because they are easily accessible with no need to sign up for an account with anything (although I have listed a Twitter source, which would need an account).

And why me?   I am the information librarian that covers the University Department of Infection, Immunity and Inflammation, which includes microbiology (although not all of the University’s interests in this field) and infectious and respiratory diseases.

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