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It’s scaring Wikipedia

Posted by gazjjohnson on 14 May, 2009

You might have seen the news articles or read in the press or bloggoverse about Wolfram|Alpha.  I confess I’d sort of noticed it, but not really paid attention.  This afternoon someone passed me a rather handy narrated demo of what the site can offer, and I must say it looks very impressive.  Able to handle natural language queries or short text and return with statistical information, factual stuff and very graphically friendly too.  Potentially I can see it is going to cause major problems for search services and maybe, dare I say it, librarians too.

Interestingly if you read the Wikipedia dicussion on the resource, you’ll see that there’s some fear that it’ll kill of Wikipedia itself.  I wouldn’t go that far, but it will certainly shake the search world up.  Wonder how Google will react?

5 Responses to “It’s scaring Wikipedia”

  1. selinalock said

    It does look very powerful in terms of data and analysis and accessing/doing things that a traditional search engine can’t. But my immediate questions is where si the data coming from? How reliable is it?

  2. sarahw9 said

    I think I’ll wait to test it with some real life questions and see what the results are, but yes it looks good. How long before to wolfram becomes a verb?

  3. AJ Cann said

    Google already reacted: Google Squared

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