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Repository Lingo 101

Posted by gazjjohnson on 28 May, 2009

I went to a very useful meeting with the BDRA this morning to talk about dissemination of their work vis-a-vie the repository (LRA).  I always enjoy these kind of meetings with academics, not solely because they can move a lot of things forward very quickly but because it reminds me just why we have a repository – to help these people get word of their work out into the world.

One of the things that came up in various discussions we had was about the meaning of repository related words – so I thought I’d blog a few commonly used terms in the repository world.

  • Ingest – to take material into the repository.  Also known as depositing, though commonly authors will deposit their article with the repository staff who then process it and ingest it into the repository.
  • Pre-review Version – sometimes known (c.f. SHERPA/RoMEO) as a pre-print, this is the version of an article originally submitted to the journal for the peer review process. 
  • Post-Review Version– the version that incorporates corrections following reviewer’s comments.  Known on SHERPA/RoMEO as the post-print version.
  • Author’s Final Version– we define that as the version that finally leaves the author’s hands and passes to the publisher, conference etc.  Might be functionally identical to post-review version or might incorporate minor changes suggested by the editor.  Crucially, this is also the version the LRA requests authors supply us with.
  • Publisher’s Version– also known as publisher’s PDF – the version as appears in the journal (print or online) with any or all journal formatting and dressing.   Few publishers allow this version to be ingested into a repository.
  • Pre-Print Version – still in use on some sites to indicate the pre-review version, though these days it can also mean any version prior to the publisher’s version.  Like post-print this term is beginning to fall into disuse.
  • Post-Print Version– normally these days this is analogous to the publisher’s version, and is used in many of their copyright agreements as analogous to definitive version.  However, on some sites (SHERPA/RoMEO included) and articles about open access or repositories post-print is analogous to post-review version.  Is slowly fading from the general lexicon of open access.
  • Definitive Version– a matter of some heated debate.  Publisher’s would argue that the definitive version is solely the one as appears in their publications.  Authors, and many in the OA world would agree that the author’s final version is just as definitive.  The debate will continue, and for now the version cited is largely the publisher’s version, though I’ve come across some people citing repository versions directly.

You can read a whole lot more about the terms used in the Open Access world on the SHERPA Glossary, the RSP site and over on the LRA site as well.

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