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Posted by knockels on 29 May, 2009

We promote RefWorks widely to students and staff here at Leicester, as one of the two reference management tools that the University supports.   RefMobile is a way to access your RefWorks account on a mobile device.

I have a pay as you go internet enabled mobile phone, and had no problem accessing RefMobile on it.   I assume therefore that owners of jazzier devices will also have no problem, but it would be interesting to hear if that is true or not!

There is a “RefMobile” link prominent on the RefWorks home page, but it seems to try to download something onto your machine, not sure what.   But the RefWorks help pages on the subject are helpful, and so this is what I did:

On my  mobile I went to, where I was asked for the group code and my account details.   These are remembered for 14 days, apparently.   I was impressed – you can see all your folders, and the “SmartAdd” feature enables you to find references quickly using a DOI, an ISBN, or a PubMed ID, and download them.  I searched for one using a PubMed ID and was able to save the reference to my RefWorks account, and I could see it using RefWorks on the web (I was logged in already on the web, and so had to log out and in again).   

In theory this would be a quick way to record details of a reference from a colleague or other source, although you would of course need a PMID or similar reference, and it might take a few minutes to get into RefMobile, and into your account.   Still impressed, though!

6 Responses to “RefMobile”

  1. AJ Cann said

    Is there some guidance about interfacing RefWorks and CiteULike, and if not, please can we have some?

    • knockels said

      Thanks, Alan, for that. I’ve not used Cite U Like but a quick look at the FAQs suggests that you can export from Cite U Like in RIS format – it ought to be straightforward to import that format into RefWorks as this is one way to get things out of EndNote and into RefWorks. I’ll give it a go on Monday (unless anyone else beats me to it!).

    • knockels said

      I have just successfully exported one reference from CiteULike to RefWorks, by saving it from CiteULike as RIS format and importing to RefWorks as Import Filter/Data Source RIS Format and Database RIS Format.

  2. llordllama said

    Sounds handy, are we going to add how to do this to the RefWork hand outs? I bet more than a few students would want to take advantage of it!

  3. AJ Cann said

    Saturday update:

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