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Managing Change course

Posted by gazjjohnson on 4 June, 2009

On a very sunny Tuesday this week I travelled to the Nottinghamshire Archives to attend a training day entitled Managing Change.  This had been organised by the Libraries and Information Group (East Midlands), and was hosted by Diane of Bridgford Consultancy.  It was good to go to a library event where people from across the sector, not just academia, were represented.

To say it was a packed day would be an understatement, there was a lot to get through and I’m still digesting it and thinking about it even today.  Thankfully though a lot of it was interactive, so plenty of group work and discussion.  Some of the things we went through included the change cycle, communications, and practical steps for managers and team leaders to take when enacting change in their organisation.  We also had to develop points for action for use on return to our organisations.

There was a real focus on the people element, not so much as getting people to change, as leading them through the process and out to the otherside.  One of the groups I was in came to a conclusion during our discussions that in reality not every member of staff will be able to remain throughout a major change process.  A sad fact, but we looked at ways in which we could support people in moving sideways as well as out as an effective way of still offering them management support.

We also did a fair bit on effective communication, something fairly familiar to me.  I brought up the use of social networking technologies (as might be expected) in discussions, since the focus seemed very much on organisation 1.0 approaches in terms of dissemination and information.

All in all a very useful day, and one that I can highly recommend.

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