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Tweeting in a pedagogical kinda of way

Posted by gazjjohnson on 12 June, 2009

I see that Leicester’s Beyond Distance Research Alliance (BDRA) is thinking about exploring twitter for pedagogical and learning activities.  Excellent, this is really good news.  Let’s hope that those of us twitter veterans here already can support them and help welcome them into the community.  As we’ve explored and discussed on this blog (and elsewhere) more than a few times, twitter has been a great tool for us.

2 Responses to “Tweeting in a pedagogical kinda of way”

  1. AJ Cann said

    “At Leicester, we’ve been tweeting as a pedagogical process for ages….”

    • Indeed. Though as I always strugle to pronounce pedagogy I much prefer “theory/practice about teaching and learning” 🙂 I’m thinking I’ll write a longer post over lunch about just what tweeting means to me.

      For now I need to finish off my appraisal preparation!

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