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Web 2.0 working group, where next…?

Posted by sarahw9 on 6 August, 2009

Since demise of the sm@ll project a group of us have been discussing how we can usefully develop and engage with web 2.0.  Here are a few notes from a short meeting today:

  •  Focus on postgraduate students; they are still open to new ideas and have more detailed and focussed information needs. 
  • Find out what they actually think / use / where they have skills gaps.  We can do this by:
     –  working with the new Post-Graduate facilitator who will be based in the Post-Grad reading room in the David  Wilson Library. 
     – Doing a light survey all the new p-grad students we see at the information sessions we run for them – sneakily using clickers so its integrated into what we are doing and we collect data automatically. 
  • Continue to link in with the East Midlands Research Support Group  – a group of East Midlands librarians who are looking at how we can create and share resources to support researchers.
  • The Student Learning Centre PG Research Skills Record System has self assessment materials for their PhD of their research skills. This has highlighted many of the areas we are interested in and confirms that there is a need for the skills we are promoting.  In particular: critical appraisal, online or research identities and how this can help promote and manage your work; open publishing and how to go about getting published; ethesis; referencing. 
  • Linking into departments where we know there is a strong interest in this area.  For example John Fothergill / Engineering.
  • Reconsider our marketing and scheduling.  Can we offer courses at better times of year or go out to departments offering a full day?

 Did I miss anything folks? Let me know!  Any further ideas?

10 Responses to “Web 2.0 working group, where next…?”

  1. I wouldn’t say the demise of SM@LL, I would say it’s in a puppa, awaiting a transformation to something L@RGER personally.

    Good summary of our discussions, and lets hope we can take this forward effectively over the next few months.

  2. ajcann said

    I’m not convinced that postgraduates are more open to ideas than undergraduates. What’s the evidence for this?

    • sarahw9 said

      …well not ideas in general. What I meant to say was that compared to established researchers they may be more open to new approaches rather than saying ‘I’m too busy and already know how to find my information thankyou’ and compared to UGrads they are more likely to know they have an immediate need to find their way around the research literature.

  3. Might well be a good idea to start with us – not only JCF, but the postgrad tutor (Fernando Schlindwein) is open to new ideas, Mike Warrington is in charge of coordinating postgrad induction and training for the college, and Ian Postlethwaite is always keen to try new things (there’s also a computer officer who has a little experience of “web 2.0”). Interest from other academic staff in this sort of thing is patchy, but I can think of a few others who might want to get involved. The key thing with engineers is to present things as useful – they’ll try almost anything if it’s going to get a result they want, but if you can’t show that it’s going to be of direct use, there’ll be no interest.

    • sarahw9 said

      Great someone who wants to get involved!

    • selinalock said

      Hi Andrew,

      Perhaps I could come over to the Department for coffee and have a chat with people to find out what the most useful things for us to do would be?

      I was mainly talking to John about embedding some things into the Undergrad curriculum at a later date.

      • I don’t think you’d want any coffee on offer over here! What about meeting some time next week in the library cafe for a preliminary chat? We also have a very large and important MSc cohort (100 students times £12.5k = how much in fees?) who are almost all from overseas and possibly don’t use the library at all currently despite having to do research for projects. I’m also on the department’s teaching and learning committee which may be another angle.

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