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A turning point in interation

Posted by gazjjohnson on 24 August, 2009

Just come back from a session by Keith on using the voting handsets and software from TurningPoint in teaching sessions.  I must confess to being quite impressed by the ease at which it was possible to set up slides and get responses from the audience, just using the PowerPoint plug in. 

One or two features like the onscreen timer do seem to be a little tempermental, but straight away I can think of some sessions that I’d like to seriously enliven using this coming year.  While we’ve only 50 handsets for now, I can see that there will likely be a strong demand from my collegues for more of the handsets to cope with the larger numbers in some sessions.

So that was a promising session, and while I won’t be teaching as much with the new job, I can still see a use for them in my sessions on 3rd party copyright and etheses.  Thanks to Keith for running the session!

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