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Have a Hunch?

Posted by gazjjohnson on 4 September, 2009

Came across Hunch yesterday while reading CILIP Update.  Hunch claims to be a “decision-making tool, built by its users. In ten questions or fewer, Hunch gives you its best hunch of what you would like.”  What Hunch does is ask a series of multiple choice questions to get a feel for your decision making and views – and then offers you a range of topics to which you might want to be guided to an answer.

On your way to each decision Hunch will ask you more questions to clarify matters, and then presents you with four possible answers (ranked 1-3 and Wild Card).  As an application it feels rather like a Facebookapp, rather than a serious decision making tool.  Certainly a lot of the topics suggested are trivial and very USA centric – giving it more than a little feel of Wikipedia (see the entry on BBQ for how the US is the only country with any real BBQ heritage apparently…bias, what bias?).  On the other hand given that registered users can create their own topics, there’s no reason why over time more serious questions and options will be added – for example I’ve just tried out the “What Profession is best for me?” – though Security Engineer, Scientist or Patent Attopnry were the main suggestions.  Not a librarian then – I considered entering this as an option, and discovered someone already had (it was #19 on my list of options – after Cording, something I had to look up on Wikipedia to understand!)

So it’s not a perfect resource by a long way, and it seems to be very much geared as an entertainment tool – but it does demonstrate something that could have a more practical application in time.  Go have a play with it yourself and let me know what you think

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