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Open access for new academics workshop

Posted by gazjjohnson on 16 September, 2009

I was approached last month by our Staff Development team to consider running a workshop for new academics on all the various aspects of open access.  Obviously I said yes, and followed up with the very helpful Derek Cox and Meera Warrier.  I gave them an overview of the sort of thing that we could include, and they went away to think about it.

Well they’ve come back now to give me the go ahead for December for a three hour workshop.  I’m rather delighted to be given this much time, but now I’m sitting down and thinking “How can I usefully fill this and shape it into a format that is both beneficial but objective at the same time”.  I’m immediately giving some thought to bringing in one of my colleagues as well, so it’s not just me droning on for the whole time (they do get a tea break).

I think I’m going to have to give this some very serious thought.  I’d like to include some hands on elements, but there seems little point in getting academics to search (say) RoMEO when we at the LRA do all the work on copyright for them.  But then exploring things like DOAJ, OpenDOAR, BASE, OAIster etc are likely to be of more direct interest to them.

I’m also going to have to tackle aspects of the REF and Funders requirements too.  I’m lucky in that we have a day event run by our Research Office in late October where a lot of these issues are going to be raised, discussed and presented by external speakers from the various bodies.  I’ll hopefully be able to crib elements from there.

At this stage in my planning I’m open to constructive suggestions though.

4 Responses to “Open access for new academics workshop”

  1. Michael Dunne said

    Well, one of the things I would raise is the need to keep the final draft of the article in a safe place. I am astounded at how many academics discard this once they have sent it off to the publisher. There does seem to be a deep-seated reluctance to use the final draft on the part of many academics too, and for a variety of reasons. One often quoted to me is that the final draft lacks the pagination that anyone citing the article will need.

    Persuading authors that the final draft is ‘good enough’ for the purposes of open access is a challenge, or at least I have found it so.

  2. Very good post. Hope to see more excellent posts in the future.

  3. […] be nice, but I need to be able to put up a pre-print or a final draft. All I need is some­thing good enough for people to read what I’m doing, and if they need to use the paper pro­fes­sion­ally they […]

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