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Open Access Week: The LRA Team

Posted by gazjjohnson on 23 October, 2009

Thinking back over this week, I think the one thing I’ve forgotten to highlight are the people here whom make the LRA work.  First off the core team, myself, Margaret – and from this week our newest member Valérie.  Margaret and Valérie are your first line of contact as a Leicester academic or postgraduate student when you want to get material onto the LRA.  They can also help out with general questions relating to your retained author rights, mandates and locating open access materials.  The easiest way to contact them is via email or

The LRA Team’s full contact details can be found here:

Then we have the supporting staff members, those people who aren’t working with the LRA on a day to day basis, but whom have more than a little understanding about the issues and common answers to questions relating to it.  First among these is Rob, our current Copyright and Coursepacks Administrator.  Rob can be reached at

His full contact details can be found here:

On top of this the LRA is supported by our colleagues in the rest of the newly formed Document Supply & Repository team, and whom if you ring the LRA you may well get on the line.  As well as these staff, I must also acknowledge the work that the members of LRA Progress Group (LRAPG) from the library, ITS and Research Office play in supporting out work, and helping to discuss the often complex developing world of scholarly communication.

That’s it, a brief guide to the team and supporting staff that help us run the LRA here at Leicester.

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