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Setting up a twitter feed from a repository RSS feed

Posted by gazjjohnson on 15 January, 2010

I’ve been keen to set up a feed from our blog (the LRA) for new additions for some time, but I’ve always thought it would be a technological challenge.  Turns out that it’s pretty easy if you’ve got an RSS output already, which we have. 

I had a word with my contacts on twitter and as usual they came up aces with the answer – two suggestions a site called Twitterfeed or using HootDeck.  This is how I did it.

  1. I registered a new twitter account for the repository UoLLRA.  You don’t have to do that you can just use your own account – but I wanted this to be separate from my online identity.
  2. I went to
  3. I opted to register using an OpenID account, although you can set up your own personal registration on the site.  Since the LRA has a GMail address I used this.
  4. Once logged in I created a new feed
  5. I named the feed and copied in the URL of the RSS feed of new additions to the site.
  6. I selected where this was to be posted to – in this case Twitter.  As I was still logged into twitter I only had to authorise this access, rather log in again.
  7. And that was it – all new items added to the repository will automatically gain a little more exposure to the electronic world without me taking any additional action.

Now I just need to keep promoting to a few people and we can take it from there.  Much much easier than I expected!  Thanks to all the people who offered advice and suggestions via twitter!

5 Responses to “Setting up a twitter feed from a repository RSS feed”

  1. AJ Cann said

    There’s a better way. Burn your feed through Feedburner ( which will give you usage stats for the feed, and you get feed-to-twitter for free.

  2. I like the twitterfeed route. I got it to work and blogged about it here I also recommend Hootsuite if you want multiple people tweeting to one account (or want to hook it up with Facebook – unlikely)

    • Thanks Stuart – I’m still having a bit of an issue with the RSS feed that’s driving it not updating, which means there doesn’t appear to be any output. Will revist this after a week and when I know we’ve made more things live…

  3. Came across your blog today and your views on twitter trends and google trends seem pretty close to the mark…i wonder if your interests are simlar to mine when it comes to twitter trends and google trends?

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