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FileOpen is coming – help me test it!

Posted by gazjjohnson on 28 September, 2010

File Open is the new secure electronic delivery mechanism the British Library have been moving to, to replace the rather less user friendly Adobe Digital Editions (to paraphrase the BL’s words).  Over the summer the update plug-in should have rolled out to all campus machines on the CFS network, with the student PCs being the last ones done this month.  Off campus people will need to download and install the FO plug-in for themselves, but this should be a relatively painless exercise, at least according to every document supply manager I’ve spoken to who’s already done it.

I’m currently mulling over when would be the best time to make the switch over, as term is kicking off all around me this week and next it doesn’t seem the right time to spring this; but perhaps a 2011 roll out would be more suitable.  it would certainly give me more time to do a spot of testing.  I wouldn’t want to push something out before I know it’s working for our readers!

In the meantime – if you get the chance to follow this link and try opening the document on a CFS machine (or download the plug in and try on your own machine) I’d be really grateful!  If you can tell me your machine type (Mac/PC), operating system and if you’re on CFS or not, that’d be even better!

10 Responses to “FileOpen is coming – help me test it!”

  1. AJ Cann said

    Fail. You can take your stinkin’ plugin and shove it up your stacks.
    On a more serious note, this is laughable – do you seriously think any student is going to bother with this, even if they had admin rights in this malware-ridden world?

    • Hmn, not a auspicious start then – MAC or Linux? I know there’s an issue with Linux and SEDs already, but the BL in their wisdom seem to be a Windows only platform.

      And no, not expecting any students to try this – it’s likely to be muggins here wandering around some computer labs testing it out. But I live in hope!

      • AJ Cann said

        On my Mac it opened as a blank document, which frankly is worse then not opening at all. When I get home I’ll test it for you on Linux (only joking, we already know what the answer’s going to be, don’t we?).

        • Hmn, right cheers for this – think I may need to have words with the BL then.

          Although have you been able to open electronic ILLs at all in the past Alan? Because if you have that seems to indicate, warts and all, that Adobe Digital Editions is actually the better product – even if the BL have strong hinted that they’re going to drop it in due course.

  2. Michael said


    Downloaded plugin and successfully opened the PDF. Running Windows XP and using Chrome browser.


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