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Most used repository items for September 2010

Posted by gazjjohnson on 1 October, 2010

Here are the top 10 accessed items on the LRA in the past month

  1. Lead-free soldering alloys: microstructure optimization for electronic applications. Belyakov, Sergey  (Thesis)
  2. Saint Christopher Wall Paintings in English and Welsh Churches, c.1250-c.1500. Pridgeon , Eleanor Elizabeth (Thesis)
  3. Advanced control of photovoltaic converters. Liu. Ying (Thesis)
  4. Thai celebrity culture and the Bangkok teenage audience.  Thapthiang, Nuwan (Thesis)
  5. The Impact of Labour Turnover: Theory and Evidence from UK Micro-Data Garino. Gaia et al (Report)
  6. Human Rights in Turkey: A Comparative Perspective on Violation and Resolution. Straw, David William Matthew (Thesis)
  7. Succinct DOM. Delpratt, O’Neil et al (Conference Paper)
  8. A Study of Solidification Structure Evolution during Investment Casting of Ni-based Superalloy for Aero-Engine Turbine Blades. Dai, Huijuan (Thesis)
  9. Electrofinishing of metals using eutectic based ionic liquids. Abbott, A.P. et al (Article)
  10. Effects of Long-Term High Temperature Exposure on the Microstructure of Haynes Alloy 230. Veverková, Jana (Thesis)

What is notable is the high proportion of theses getting a heady use on the repository – they are around 10% of the collection as a total, but unlike the 44% full-text items as a whole for the LRA, around 99.9% of theses on the repository are available in full text.  They’re also a unique research resource that is otherwise very much underused.  In contrast theses from Leicester on Ethos appear to be used around 1/10 as often, which is perhaps not a big surprise given the requirement to register before accessing any of their content.

Meanwhile the top countries accessing the LRA last month were as follows (no change from last month):

  1. UK
  2. USA
  3. India
  4. Australia
  5. Germany

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