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Repository in your Office – Open Access Week 2010

Posted by gazjjohnson on 14 October, 2010

SPARC Open Access Week 2010Next week is the 4th SPARC International Open Access week.  Around the globe open access advocates and repository staff take this time to celebrate the successes of their repository, but also to redouble their efforts!  Various special events take place, and this year as part of the celebrations, the Leicester Research Archive Team are offering Repository in Your Office – adapting its name from the popular television show Restaurant in our Living Room (well popular with me anyway)

In essence it’s a chance for academics to call us over to their offices to collect any and all materials they’ve got for potential archiving on the LRA and a chance for them to have a handy 1-2-1 consultation on any and all aspects of open access.  I think it’s a great chance for us to fly the flag for the LRA and the brilliant research that Leicester produces, as well as interacting with our fantastic academic community on a more personal level.

Here’s just a sampling of some of the top rated research publications on the LRA from across the colleges.

Will it be a success?  At this stage I just don’t know, we’ve never tried this kind of advocacy here at Leicester so this is somewhat a bit of an experiment.  But win, lose or draw I’m sure the lessons we learn from the exercise will serve us well in planning Open Access Week 2011!

So if you’re a researcher here at Leicester, and you’ve been thinking about depositing with the LRA, but haven’t quite got around to it – why not take this opportunity to invite us in (coffee appreciated but not essential) to help make it

Repository in your Office – making it easier than ever to deposit with the LRA

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