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Countries accessing the LRA (2009-2011)

Posted by gazjjohnson on 9 May, 2011

Following a conversation with a fellow repository manager on Friday about countries using our research, I did a bit of quick and dirty analysis on the LRA, taking a data range of 1/4/2009-30/4/2011.  Here’s the top 20 countries using us, and the percentage of the overall accesses they make up.

  1. United Kingdom (39.72%)
  2. United States (12.84%)
  3. India (3.13%)
  4. Germany (2.64%)
  5. Australia (2.41%)
  6. Canada (2.35%)
  7. China (2.23%)
  8. Italy (1.51%)
  9. France (1.48%)
  10. Malaysia (1.44%)
  11. Netherlands (1.29%)
  12. Japan (1.06%)
  13. Iran (1.05%)
  14. Spain (1.04%)
  15. Greece (0.94%)
  16. Turkey (0.89%)
  17. Hong Kong (0.82)%
  18. Ireland (0.82%)
  19. Indonesia (0.77%)
  20. Taiwan (0.75%)
  • The top 10 make up 69.7% of all accesses to the LRA mounted research over that time.
  • The top 20 make up 79.2% of all accesses to the LRA mounted research over that time.

I don’t know whether to be delighted or distressed that the bulk of accesses come from the UK.  It’s good that the research is getting read here, but so much depends these days on overseas researchers making use of the research we publish.  Other repository managers reading this – how does this compare to your own repositories? Similar? Completely different?

And for any Leicester folk reading this – are these the countries that we’d expect to be using our research?  Of course, we are always limited by the materials that academics send us, and I’m well aware there are many, many gaps in our collections that I’d be only too keen to fill!

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