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Visit to Hallward Library, University of Nottingham (31 January 2014)

Posted by JackieHanes on 6 February, 2014

I visited Tony Simmonds, currently the Law Librarian and Faculty Team Leader (Social Sciences) at the University of Nottingham, and formerly my colleague of 10+ years at the College of Law.

The Hallward Library supports the Faculties of Arts and Social Sciences at the University of Nottingham, and it is based on the University Park campus. It’s a large and imposing 1970s building, over 4 floors, with all the original (but now retro) architecture and decor.

The top (3rd) floor of the library is occupied by the arts, and the 2nd floor by the social sciences and law. The 1st floor is the main entrance, cafe and short loan collection, and the ground floor is dedicated to group study. The ground and 1st floors are lively social areas; whereas the 2nd and 3rd floors are more academic – and virtually silent. I was particularly impressed with the informal group study areas on the ground floor.

The two faculties are supported by two small teams of academic liaison librarians – who are responsible for enquiries, books and serials, as well as teaching and learning. Interestingly, the library’s special collections and administrative staff are located at a different site on their Jubilee Park campus. Even in the largest of libraries – space is a real premium!

Tony was keen to hear about our success with Talis Aspire and More Books, as well as our use of EDI ordering with Coutts. (Their book order process requires considerable form filling, and transfer of books between library teams and campuses).

I was impressed that Nottingham had access to State Papers Online (a very expensive historical database), which was purchased by special project funds. I was also amazed that Nottingham still purchase and individually catalogue print copies of all UK parliamentary publications. We spent some time discussing our move from Public Information Online to Official Publications Online.

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