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History Lab Advisory Committee (7 February 2014)

Posted by Helen on 14 March, 2014

On Friday 7th February I visited Senate House in London for the annual History Lab Advisory Committee. I was elected to the History Lab Plus Committee in January this year, acting as a regional representative and the representative to the Royal Historical Society. History Lab Plus look after the interests of early career historians and are supported by the Institute of Historical Research (University of London). The committee meeting was a chance to reflect on events held last year and look forward to the plans for 2014. Although the focus of the group is on historians, the issues discussed were applicable to early career researchers across the wider disciplines of Arts, Humanities and Social Science. Unsurprisingly open access was a key topic and the Committee discussed how independent researchers in particular could be helped in this area. IHRCMS-preface-top-historylab-plus

The Grants Officer for the committee is also based in Leicester and will be involved in organising an event here on ‘Historians, Heritage and the Media’ in April. There was also talk of a possible event on Digital Humanities at Leicester for the autumn. I hope that being involved with History Lab Plus will help me forge better links with some of our early career researchers here at Leicester, and also help get the Library involved in a few more events. One issue which I’m hoping to raise is the lack of provision for those unable to make it to events. History Lab Plus does really well at spreading events around the UK, but there are no webinar or recording options at the moment. I would like to think we could pilot this with an event at Leicester next academic year.

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