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EMLIP Meeting (22 January 2016)

Posted by JackieHanes on 1 February, 2016

I attended a meeting of the East Midlands Legal Information Professionals group on Friday 22 January. The meeting was held in the offices of Browne Jacobson, in a great location by the canal and courthouse in Nottingham. They also provide visitors with wondeful coffee and cookies on arrival – very welcome given the inclement weather.  Tom Laidlaw and Simon Gaunt of LexisNexis were in attendance to give a demonstration of their new product NewsDesk.

NewsDesk is a media analysis tool from MoreOver Technologies (recently acquired by LexisNexis). The NewsDesk service enables users to search news (free and subscription news content) and social media, and set up email and rss current awareness alerts. The technology powers the local news sections on the BBC website among other major clients. In legal practice, searches could include news about the firm, clients, competitor firms, and practice areas.  This is a key service development area for many law librarians in firms and industry at the moment.  The search interface was modern and intuitive – a world away from the Nexis interface. The target audience was obviously law firms, but it would be useful to any library offering research intelligence services to academics or departments.

After the meeting, LexisNexis treated us to a great pub lunch at the CanalHouse, which I imagine would be a lovely venue in the Summer …

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