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This blog aims primarily to be an informal place for all University of Leicester Library staff to share, debate, reflect and comment on matters relevant to their working activities. The long term hope is that this blog will become, over time, a knowledge based resource for staff to refer to, and perhaps form a template for future blog based resources.


This blog was set up as an informal news and discussion place for librarians and other interested parties at the University of Leicester in the UK.  Any views and opinions expressed solely reflect those of the individuals who write them and do not necessarily reflect the opinions and policy of the University of Leicester as an institution.

No guarantees are made to the accuracy of the information provided, and in all instances readers are advised to contact the person (or persons) posting/commenting as is appropriate.

Takedown policy

This blog operates an immediate takedown policy should any post be flagged as inappropriate or offensive. Posts taken down in this way will be reviewed by the blog-owners and may be edited, restored or permanently shrouded as is appropriate. In cases where a simple clarification or correction of facts are required post will not be removed in this manner.


Please forward any further questions to Gareth J Johnson, Sarah Whittaker, Selina Lock, Katie Frasier or Keith Nockles

Terms and Conditions

All material on this blog is made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.  For other reuse please contact us.

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  1. Hi Pat,

    We have just published 85 Reasons To Be Thankful for Librarians at

    It is a great resource, so feel free to share it with your readers.


    Melissa Tamura

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