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Libraries and social networking – what’s been successful?

Posted by gazjjohnson on 6 October, 2009

Next week I’m delivering a talk to some librarians in the region about social networking using web 2.0.  Now while I’ve various ideas about what I’m going to say, but at the same time I’d be really interested to hear from other librarians about what they’ve tried – or even thought about trying – in this regard.

It can be about any aspect of social networking, from reader development and user engagement, through to educational examples and professional development.  I’m interested in it all!

I’m especially interested in learning about any barriers that have stood in your way, and the ways in which you have either overcome them, worked around them or even been brought up short!  Examples might include

  • Facebook presence: How has is helped?  Are you fully exploiting it? Did you try it as an organisation and then discard it for some reason?
  • Twitter – what has it doen for you?  What can you do now that you could never do before?
  • LinkedIn – a waste of time in the UK or a run away international success?
  • Any other example – with links if possible.

And it goes without saying that post talk I’ll be sharing the talk, as well the comments from the librarians gathered.  Many of whom I suspect are very much cynical about the whole Web 2.0 experience and the apparent drain it puts on their staffing time resources!  Thus this is going to need to one of those sessions that’s not preaching to the converted – rather it’s going to need to really win them over!

The talk by the way is next thursday and I’ll be using the tag #liem when I’m tweeting about it (especially during the event – hopefully I’ll have a twitterfall running in the room!)

[Edit Fri 16th Oct: Well as you might have picked up from my online silence, I came down with the dreadded flu and had to scrap this session.  But have no fear, I hope to represent it at some point in the near future!]


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