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Farewell and good luck

Posted by gazjjohnson on 6 August, 2012

As most regular readers of this blog know, I’m departing Leicester tomorrow, which means with regret this’ll be my last blog post here.  I’ve very much enjoyed sharing these infrequent, but I hope mostly interesting, snippets of library life here with the broader audience; and in the meantime I’m sure my fellow bloggers here can keep the content flowing.

And I hope you’ve enjoyed them too!

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The blog as an induction tool

Posted by emmakimberley on 4 September, 2009

It has occurred to me over the last few days while I’ve been finding my feet in a new job that the blog is incredibly useful as an induction tool. I’ve enjoyed reading through previous posts and getting a sense of the history behind various projects. It has also given me an idea of who is interested in what, and especially who might be interested in some of the areas my post as Research Forum Facilitator will work to develop.

Here is a very brief overview of what I’ll be doing up in the Graduate School Reading Room. I’ll be working to facilitate a physical and virtual research forum that will support postgraduate researchers in general, and PhD students in particular. I’ll have a stand up in the reading room, from which I can act as a point of contact for referral to any services they might need, as well as maintaining an online presence. Over the next couple of months I’ll be involved in the exciting new project of setting up a Graduate Media Zoo. I’m also very interested in doing anything I can to smooth the way for doctoral researchers over what can be a difficult few years. This will include using web 2.0 technologies to encourage social and academic networking as well as general problem sharing!

I’m looking forward to talking about web 2.0 with you all… and of course reading more of this valuable resource which is a great help to newcomers!

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Another new contributor

Posted by gazjjohnson on 4 September, 2009

I’m delighted to announce we have another contributor to the blog, Terese Bird. Terese will be working with Emma Kimberley on setting up the Graduate Student Media Zoo. Though she’s working with the library, Terese is actually working as a Learning Technologist for the BDRA. I’m sure we’ll all look forward to her input.

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Mothballing the SM@LL project

Posted by gazjjohnson on 1 July, 2009

Just in case you missed the earlier posts here and on the ScienceLeicester blogs, I’ve just posted about the feedback we had for the SM@LL project from the funders.  For now, any future discussions about similar projects will be over on this blog – so leave us in your RSS feeds folks!

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Academics and publishing in open access journals

Posted by gazjjohnson on 8 January, 2009

There’s an interesting blog post from Gerry McKiernan entitled Academic Rank of Authors Publishing in Open Access Journals, where he highlights a recent Elaine Nowick article which states:

Previous research has indicated that some faculty members may have some concerns about publishing in Open Access journals because of a perceived lack of rigor and reputation of Open Access titles…There was no indication that pre-tenured faculty avoided Open Access titles. In fact, there was a slight but significant trend for pre-tenured faculty to publish in Open Access journals.

This study has been published in, of all places, Agriculture Information Worldwide(ref in Gerry’s post).  This is a refreshing result to read, even taking into account that the study would only have looked at (I assume, I can’t access the paper itself as it’s not yet available anywhere it seems) US based academics within a smattering of disciplines.  However, going on my past experience of encouraging academics to think of publishing in OAJ this is one more piece of evidence that supports that trend.

Does anyone know of any comparator studies performed on UK academics and their attitudes then?

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Vote for us!

Posted by gazjjohnson on 8 December, 2008

I just remembered that we (the blog that is) has been nominated for the best Librarian/Library EduBlog 2008.  And voting is now open.

So go vote for us now!

I don’t think we’re in with that much of a chance really, but it is nice to be nominated all the same, and a very positive reflection on the efforts we’ve all made towards making this a place to share experiences.  Here’s to a successful 2009.

Happy Christmas all.

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Blog Review meeting 2.0

Posted by gazjjohnson on 18 November, 2008

Keith, Sarah W, Selina and myself just held our latest blog review meeting.  In lieu of minutes here are a few brief notes on our discussions:

  • We reviewed the blog’s development to date and agreed that an excellent voice has been found for the posts by all authors.  As a result the blog could be regarded as a defacto standard for other potential Library blogs, along with a body of expertise to advise as needed.
  • The award nomination from Alan, and praise from CILIP for our work was noted.
  • We agreed that the community focus of the blog would remain those already invited to contribute (along with their successors and alternates) so as to ensure it remains relevant to the professional activities of the library.
  • PMG have asked us to go talk about the blog to them, so I’ll be asking them for a date and sorting out which of us will go along.
  • Questions from us to PMG include: whom should we advocate the blog to internally, whom would they be advocating it to, the matter of Twirl’s availability to those staff that require it and the possibility of PMG making a post occasionally (they are already encouraged to, but have not yet posted or commented).
  • The new Enquiry Manager will be invited by myself to become involved with the blog in some respect.
  • We agreed to take the requirement for each comment to be approved off to see if this increases the number of comments.  However, we’re not allowing anonymous commenting so we have an audit trail to follow if needed to the source of any comments.
  • We agreed to tell suitable local contacts about the blog, if we’ve not mentioned it already.
  • We agreed to notify all library staff about the blog, and invite them to comment.
  • We agreed that we will remove the block on search engines detecting the blog in January, thus making the blog visible to all and in keeping with the OA movement.  Noting that it is already visible if you are aware of the URL.
  • We agreed to meet to review the blog again in Feb/Mar 2008

So all in all, we are pleased with the blog as a tool

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Welcome to Population II

Posted by gazjjohnson on 3 September, 2008

And it’s a big welcome aboard for our new readers.  I’ve just sent out the messages to all the various Web 2.0 session people, plus one or two others, whom we identified as our second group of experimental bloggers.  Doubtless there will be a few other names that will be suggested, but the hope of we 4 is that for now we’ll be keeping the contributing community not too large.

Wouldn’t do for this site to be swamped with messages (or would that be a good thing?).

So welcome, and if you’re unsure about anything (blog related) please don’t hesitate to comment or ask!

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Bloggy review meeting

Posted by gazjjohnson on 28 August, 2008

The four of us (Selina, Sarah, Keith and myself) had a meeting this morning to reflect back on the development of this blog, and how we move into the next phase for it.  Looking at the posting stats we were quite pleased to see that we’ve had an average of 1 post every two days (or .75 posts/day if you only count the week days) which isn’t a bad ratio.  Goodly amount of discussion and comment too.

Major things we decided were:

  • To continue with the blog as an internal reflective tool for library staff
  • To appraise management of our experiences so far
  • To invite a select group of additional people to start reading, commenting or posting (our Population II Group)

There were one or two other matters, mostly in terms of layout and design as well, which I’ll tweak shortly.  But all in all we agreed that this had been a very useful tool for expanding our individual knowledge of developments and issues across the UoL library service.  Come the end of October we’ll look back at it again, and consider what the next phase should comprise – potentially making it available to all lib-staff to read at the least.

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About a blog

Posted by gazjjohnson on 24 July, 2008

I had a very productive meeting with Keith, Sarah and Sue Wednesday morning talking about various Biology related matters.  It’s always nice to stroll down to the ClinSci library, though I wish I’d remembered that we were meeting first thing before I trudged into the DWL Office first.  Would have saved on shoe leather.

One of the things we did talk about, that wasn’t strictly biological related was this blog itself.  We agreed that we’d:

  • Meet in about three weeks to review the progress so far.
  • Invite all those who came to the Web 2.0 day from the library to become contributors/readers.
  • Consider the longer term plans for the blogs usage.
  • Review the blogs progress after a further month.

I’ve a feeling organising this meeting will fall on Sarah or myself!

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