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Paying for your region

Posted by gazjjohnson on 5 August, 2008

I see CILIP’s asking via its Special Interest Groups and Branches for feedback on their new funding model.  At the mo you get your regional branch bundled in, two free special interest groups and then you pay for any extra groups.  Due to CILIP’s financial situation this can’t stand, and so following the flat-fee this year, they’re now proposing options that mean you get two free groups OR branches.

Funding for SIGs and Branches is going to be based on the level of membership they have, plus a flat fee.

I think this might not be brilliant for regional branches, who don’t have that great a visibility within the sector – certainly not as great as SIGs have.  It’s been said time and again that librarians associate with their SIGs more than their region, which in many respects is a real shame.  Certainly the East-Midlands Branch has been doing some good stuff, certainly over the years I’ve been here – conferences and the like across the sectors.  Sadly I think they’re one of the better ones, and may well get tarred with the same brush as the others.

So if you’re on lis-usr (or one of the other group lists) and want to make your voice heard on this – reply to the Group Chairs with your opinions.

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