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Library Inductions

Posted by sarahw9 on 13 August, 2008

Yes its the time of year when all librarians think to themselves, this year lets make the library induction much more interesting, vibrant, exciting, memorable, engaging than ever before. Then you go back to what you did and think ‘eeer well I’ve just got to include those bits, I know I’ll update a few of the pictures’.
… To explain here at the Clinical Library we’ve been doing Cephalonian style inductions for a few years. We have 45 mins to talk to 300 approx 1st year medical students in a lecture theatre. So we hand out questions that some of them have to ask about library facitilies and resources etc and we answer them using some slides and demo a few things live like the library catalogue and finding a electronic journal reference. Its at least better than just talking at them for 45 mins, and as they are new and are being asked to participate, it must keep them slightly more awake.
Somehow it still feels far from ideal. I’m sure if you are a new student already taking in alot of new information, you just are not going to remember most of it. We thought we’d cut down the detail this year when on closer insepction I think its already cut down enough. Any ideas?


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