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CILIP 2.0 – following the debate online

Posted by gazjjohnson on 29 April, 2009

Being the notes of my experiences as I take part in the CILIP Web 2.0 remotely this afternoon.  Thought it might make for an interesting read

2.31 Taking part in 2.31 manage to get back from previous meeting and into Twitterfall.

2.40 Wonder if there’s a sign I can wear to stop people talking to me in RL while I follow debate?

2.42 Enjoying the Twitterfall, and chipping in with the odd comment.  Seem to have picked up a few more followers too.

2.46 Checking some emails and sorting out some other issues as well.  Wonder how many submissions I can make to the LRA during this debate?

2.55 Phil’s finished, and Brian Kelly’s coming on now.  Trying not to get too distracted by discussions of Secret Invasion plans as they relate to CILIP

3.01 Enjoying Matthew at CILIP Update’s Blog on the event as well – since he’s in the room it actually makes for a good back up to Twitterfall

3.04 That said, amazing how easy it is to follow the narrative of what is being said (or the key points) from a secondary perspective.  So many of the people who are tweeting aren’t in the room, yet thanks to their.

3.10 Okay – I need two (or ideally three) monitors to follow this.  Maybe I should have put money for that in the SM@LL bid.  I miss having two monitors.

3.15 Comment about the phone with regards to coms being blocked.  After all yes blogs/tweeting et al can be used for non-work things.  But then so can the phone.  So will we block people using the phone?  Oh hang on, we do in most libraries (tolerance zone here though)

4.40 Well that was useful – not helped midway by WordPress dying on me.  Not to mention Twitter (for a bit) and Twitterfall (a couple of times).  All the same it has been a really interesting experience, really healthy debate – though I’m feeling  a bit shell shocked after focusing on the screen for 2 hours solid.

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Showdown at the KO Corral

Posted by gazjjohnson on 22 April, 2009

It might not have escaped your notice in recent months, but there’s been a Web 2.0 storm brewing twix CILIP and some of the more vocal Web 2.0/social networking proponents in the sector. No, sadly not me – I’m more garrulous than vocal.  It all stems from an original posting by CILIP Chief Exec Bob McKee All of a Twitter, which by now more than eleventy million people have commented on (well, close).    Well known tech evangelist and sci-fi fan Phil Bradley crafted the most marvellous reply which about the same number of people (yours truly among them) commented on.

It has rather illustrated to myself at least, an organisation that is supposed to be leading on information and communication rather getting stuck in the past.  And this at a time when CILIP’s long term future is ever in doubt, given the state of its finances.  I think it would be a real shame if this were to be the lemming onto the bonnet that sent the CILIPmobile hurtling over the cliff.  I’ve got a lot out of my engagement with the membership and the executive team down in London over the years, and it would leave a bit of a void in my professional life.

But not an irreplaceable one.  Given my networks on Facebook, twitter and in real life that I have available there are already many (in some cases more relevant and immediate) ways in which I get my professional support, training, advocacy and development. 

However, to give CILIP its due, they have rallied and invited Phil, along with Brain Kelly, to address their Council and interested parties in open session on the 29th April.  I’d love to be there, but the chances of getting work to stump up hundred plus quid for a two hour afternoon discussion session are somewhere between “none” and “less than zero”.  There isn’t a live Web feed (for shame!) but at least they have announced a hashtag(#CILIP2) for the event; so the twitter enabled will be able to tell us more.  I’ve already marked the date in my diary and will be following the developments withinterest (and probably making the odd comment myself).  As I know one or two CILIP folk who are already tweeting (huzzah) I hope there will be a good steady feed of information for those of us out here in the barren wilderness beyond the M25…

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