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Library Staff Induction

Posted by gazjjohnson on 29 October, 2008

Went to the first meeting of a task and finish group here in the Library today, looking at the library staff induction (as opposed to the library’s induction for student/staff).  Very interesting meeting chaired by Jo Aitkin where I was able to put a few more names to faces (yes, after 8 months I’m still rubbish with about 80% of the staff here – if only we had a staff picture gallery!).

As is the way in these kind of meetings I managed to sit on my hands for all of 20 seconds before starting my ideas brain off.  We had a good long look at the induction booklet which whilst not bad in terms of content, would certainly benefit from a revision in structure and layout.  And as the loudest mouth in the room (Anne C might beg to differ) I’ve come away with a sub-team remit to produce the next version.  Excellent!

We also looked at the old programme of rolling training.  Now I brought with me the insight on the programme we had at York and Warwick where these kind of weekly sessions were an excellent way to demystify working practices, expand on work teams were doing as well as act as training activities for new and long time members of staff.  We’ll be looking at them in more depth at the next meeting.

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Conference for All Support Staff on campus

Posted by gazjjohnson on 23 September, 2008

Hello all, I’m back from my excersions to the wild Scottish Highlands and slightly more cultured Breton red granite coast.  In browsing thtough the 600 or so emails waiting for, I spotted this annoucement in the staff development newsletter.

Which raised two immediate questions

1) Are librarians support staff here at Leicester?  I’ve worked places where this term means something more than the obvious definition.

2) If we are – did anyone go to last year’s support conference and would it be worth encourging folks to go?

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Bloggy review meeting

Posted by gazjjohnson on 28 August, 2008

The four of us (Selina, Sarah, Keith and myself) had a meeting this morning to reflect back on the development of this blog, and how we move into the next phase for it.  Looking at the posting stats we were quite pleased to see that we’ve had an average of 1 post every two days (or .75 posts/day if you only count the week days) which isn’t a bad ratio.  Goodly amount of discussion and comment too.

Major things we decided were:

  • To continue with the blog as an internal reflective tool for library staff
  • To appraise management of our experiences so far
  • To invite a select group of additional people to start reading, commenting or posting (our Population II Group)

There were one or two other matters, mostly in terms of layout and design as well, which I’ll tweak shortly.  But all in all we agreed that this had been a very useful tool for expanding our individual knowledge of developments and issues across the UoL library service.  Come the end of October we’ll look back at it again, and consider what the next phase should comprise – potentially making it available to all lib-staff to read at the least.

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