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Will Ebooks finally have their day?

Posted by gazjjohnson on 23 September, 2008

I ask the question following on in part to a discussion myself and Selina were having this morning about the economics of eBooks and eReaders; now the big boys like Amazon and Sony are getting into the game.  Then what do I read in the latest CILIP Gazette?  But a front cover article on eBooks/readers.

Is this (finally) the beginning of the end for the printed word in the library, meaning we can switch more floor space over to student study – or will it take years for people to take it up?  I know I’ve already spoken with more than one student in recent years who was hoping we’d go down the ebook only route sooner rather than later.

I just don’t want to be the one on the end of the phone explaining the authentication routine for her non-standard ebook reader bought at Aldi*.  Will they all read PDF or are there going to be other new standards?  Will we have to upgrade all our stocks data format; data preservation techniques are hardly robust enough as it is let alone bringing in issues like ensuring future accessibility.

So I won’t be running out to buy a reader myself, I’ll let the bleeding edge folks do that and see what’s gained prominence and acceptability in a few years.  Assuming we all survive the collapse of the world financial markets that is…

*I speak with bitter experience here of Aldi’s cheap but annoyingly non-future proofed bargin priced tech peripherals!

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